While visiting the Taj Mahal many years ago, P.N. Oak noticed that the ornament atop the In his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, Oak says the Taj Mahal is not. 1 Dec In his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, revisionist historian PN Oak claimed the monument was built in , decades before the Muslim. In his book Taj Mahal: The True Story, Oak claims that the Taj Mahal was originally a Shiva temple and a Rajput palace named.

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But that should not be construed to mean bu the Taj was raised over Mumtaz’s grave. The Yamuna River pictured in Those stories have been invented as an afterthought to make Shahjahan’s authorship of the Taj look plausible. He then founded June 14, the Institute ttue Rewriting Indian History and wrote several books Oak’s historical acumen led him to discover further that even world history has gone wrong. At the backside of the river bank is a Hindu crematorium, several palaces, Shiva temples and bathings of ancient origin.

True story of taj mahal by p.n.oak, only Muslims are allowed to worship at the site, offering Friday prayers true story of taj mahal by p.n.oak a mosque attached to the Taj Mahal. But the Taj premises contain several graves atleast in its eastern and southern pavilions. Had she deserved a fabulous burial, as mahap claimed, the date of her death had not been a matter of much speculation. But since Shahjahan had commandeered not built the Taj, he reduced it general to a muslim cemetary as was the habit of all his Islamic predeccssors, and buried a queen in a vacant pavillion and a maid in another idenitcal pavilion.

Prophet Mohammad has ordained that the burial spot of a muslim pn.oak be inconspicous and must not be marked by even a single tombstone.

Shocking Truth of Taj Mahal exposed by Late Pujya P. N. Oak – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

An official term would not use a nebulous term unless it is to hide some thing. Some asserted that Shahjahan p.n.ozk building drawing from all over the world and chose one from among them. This proves that an insignificant quantity of marble was needed just for some supercial tinkering and tampering with the Tajmahal.

The initial post attracted replies, some of which I will put here. Art historian Rebecca Brown describes Oak’s books as “revisionist history as subtle as Captain Russell’s smirk” referring to a character in the Hindi movie Lagaan. The Taj is one such built on the bank of the Yamuna river true story of taj mahal by p.n.oak ideal location for a Shiva temple. Had Shahjahan really built the Taj Mahal as a wonder mausoleum, history would have recorded a specific date on which she was ceremoniously buried in the Taj Mahal.

D itself that the several buildings in the fancied burial place of Mumtaz were seven storeyed and were so old that they were all leaking, while the dome had developed a crack on the northern side.

In a page pamphlet titled Was Kaaba a Hindu Temple? Many rooms in the Taj Mahal have remained sealed since Shah Jahan’s time, and are still not accessible to the public. After reading this article, and finding this researcher’s work to be well thought out and true story of taj mahal by p.n.oak, I searched for more of his research and found the fully as outrageous claim below on a full scale web site maintained by P. In case the premises had to be surrendered to a besieging enemy the treasure could be pushed into the well to remain hidden from the conquerer xtory remain safe for salvaging if the place was reconquered.

One tipif you want to take a close look peacefully go early morning. No such date is ever mentioned. The octagonal shape of the Tajmahal has a special Hindu significance because Hindus alone have special names pp.n.oak the eight directions, and celestial guards assigned to them.

Shahjahn had to enrage in 48 military campaigns during a reign of nearly 30 years which proves that his was not a era of peace and plenty. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. Bob Holt – webmaster Another article on the same topic: What are we missing in Sabarimala Debate?

Such a dome is an absurdity for a tomb which must ensure peace and silence. Oak’s denial of Islamic architecture in India has been described as one of p.n.oal “more extreme manifestations of anti-Muslim sentiment” in Maharashtrian true story of taj mahal by p.n.oak culture.

Treasure chests used to be kept in the lower apartments while treasury personnel had their offices in the upper chambers. After obtaining his B. Grief is mzhal disabling, incapacitating emotion. Cobras are always associated with Lord Shiva.

Oak Frontal view of true story of taj mahal by p.n.oak Taj Mahal and dome. This is a clear indication that the Tejomahalay temple palace was part and parcel of the township.

Invading Islam raised graves in captured buildings true story of taj mahal by p.n.oak every country it overran. A few yards away from the same flank is the Nakkar Khana alias DrumHouse which is a intolerable incongruity for Islam.

Twenty thousand labourers are supposed to have worked for 22 kahal during Shahjahan’s reign in building the Tajmahal. When carnal love becomes uncontrollable the person either murders somebody or commits suicide. From to his profession has been mainly journalism having worked on the editorial staffs of the Hindustan Times and. Stkry is what your guide probably told you if you ever visited the Taj Mahal.

Shocking Truth of Taj Mahal exposed by Late Pujya P. N. Oak

Bernier, a contemporary French visitor has noted that non muslim’s were barred entry into the basement at the true story of taj mahal by p.n.oak when Shahjahan requisitioned Mansingh’s palace which contained a dazzling light.

Aurangzeb, therefore, ordered immediate repairs to the buildings at his own expense while recommending to the emperor that more elaborate repairs be carried out later. Such parity burial can be grue only if the queens had been demoted or the maid promoted.