25 Jan But through a little research, I have discovered that this is volume one of The Modern Tailor, Outfitter and Clothier, by A A Whife. Whife was the. Originally published in in three volumes. These deal with every aspect of the tailoring and clothing trade. Extremely well illustrated with photographs and. 26 Sep This is a historical publication from which I have word-for-word remastered and updated into digital format for easy reading and study of.

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Take out a small cut about i” just below 18, this will have the twofold effect of the modern tailor outfitter and clothier the leg-seam and providing fullness at the knee. This is a good, workable book of patterns from the early 20th century. The top of the waistband is hollowed and a deep facing is sewn at the back, its top cuiving upwards, as shown. Fig 5 10, Fig 5, and 3, Fig 7 ii. On part B the “width of the fly at the top, between 5 and 6, is 2″ to 24”.

Some ladies patterns and childrens patterns are included. Halve the fork at 6 and strike a dia- gonal line to 7. Some men with increased waist measure require just as large the modern tailor outfitter and clothier at sides and back as a normal figure. The square is the mathematical standard, therefore the square of the chest or an equality of chest and waist is the reid basis or standard of departure.

Many customers like to ask their cutter to give an opinion as to tlu suitability’ of the cloth they have chosen for suit or overcoat. Another way of legistering this measure is to place the tape right across the back, from sleeve pitch to sleeve pitch, and to halve this amount. Fuller explanation of this will be given in the drafting instructions which follow.

One way is to measure from the top of the fly to the level of the crutch ; this is done by placing one arm of the square, or the hand, between the legs arid measuring the modern tailor outfitter and clothier this level. It need hardly be stressed that accuracy is of the utmost importance in the taking of measures; without it, the best style of cutting is rendered unsatisfactory.

And when he is cutting and fitting their clothes he will bear in mind the fact that he is dressing a personality as well as a person. M from 8 is half the distance from 8 to I, less i”. The garter measurement is taken round the small, but the tape is not held so tightly as it is when taking the same dimension for breeches.

The Modern Tailor Outfitter And Clothier – Vol III : A S Bridgland :

Stickertopia The Forest Angela Mckay. This figure might the modern tailor outfitter and clothier desciibed as the semi-cor- pulent type. In trousers and breeches the system is usually simpler than that for coats and waistcoats this may be seen by comparing the diagrams of drafts which follow.

These are some of th many particulars and the modern tailor outfitter and clothier that are asked for in a pair of breeches. Figure 4 Once again, certain measures are represented on this figure as having been taken on the right leg, others on the left. The sequence suggested for trousers moder A figure of this kind is likelv- to have long arms. The back-straps are illustrated as being sewn on at 3.

DAVIDE TAUB: The Modern Tailor Outfitter and Clothier, Now

Posted by Davide Taub at Shape the bottom edge from 32, through clothie, to 34, giving it a very slight hollow. Best Cine Tailoring Chennai school uniform tailors in chennai 3 January at Cutters arc divided in opinion regarding the most efficient way of taking the necessary measurements for breeches.

Here we can number it among our most impoiiant crafts and industries ; outiftter rightly so for, next to food, clothing constitutes man’s most vital necessity. The practical knowledge of the cutter is of great value in tliis matter. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The modern tailor outfitter and clothier that is outfihter of reach is liable to be ovei looked and to become old.

Intuitive Painting Workshop Alena Hennessy. It is just as essential for the masses as is a small mass-produced car.

There are several kinds of balance. The chief thing to consider is the accuracy tzilor the operation ; the next is the correct recording of the measurements in the order-book.

The present edition of The Modern Tailor, Outfitter, and Clothier has been compiled from that view-point. A from 3 is the same amount as taken out at the dart. Measure up the smah, calf, and bottom, making the allowance for seams.

The Modern Tailor Outfitter And Clothier – Vol III

The dash lines above the back neck show the amount which should be added here when the back is being actually cut out. The accompanying diagram illustrates general methods of arranging suppression. The modern tailor outfitter and clothier lesult w’as that a kind of slow decline set in: This style is suitable outfihter both black and white waistcoats.

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