Hello My mobile dj setup have 4xESW subs, 4xEvent tops, 3 amps Peavey CS, Xone mixer, aphex exciter, Rane. A subwoofer enclosure kit “ESW”, origin RCF, in MDF wood 19mm thick, assembly with grooves, passive version. The kit includes the 10 panels. Used RCF ESW Sub Woofer18″ subFree Shipping!!.

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I am litle confus about compatibility new and old version. A WinISD sim will give a more accurate idea about this. Now, i rcf esw 1018 more Watts available than bass bins can handle. There may be some other minor difference.

Take a look in the reference manual. It’s conservatively rated at 12mm xmax but RCF would rate it at 15mm. Sort by most recent most useful.

If you’re talking about buying brand new bass bins to replace the ESW, I still think you’d be much better off just upgrading the drivers and getting a more powerful amplifier. MDF, 19mm thick – Total weight: Isn’t the vz the reason that the recone market is so rcf esw 1018 Edited by Hemisphere – 22 August at 3: It’s everything, not everythink!

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If you need to change the bowl after many years of loyal service, put a L18PND that almost ssw. Well, no, not without very careful limiting, and rcf esw 1018 then it’s not advisable for any real length of time. I am send email to rcf and rcf tell me that this same loudspeakers as rcf esw 1018 old version. Sound in entire room is amazing, amps never clip and stay cold.

RCF ESW | Hi Fidelity DJ Revolution | Pinterest | Revolution

They can’t take w per cab? It could play to several thousand people easily. It would be about three times as powerful as what you have now.

Now I’m rcf esw 1018 saying you should swallow RCF’s marketing about w peaks, but that a fairly respectable company like RCF could even claim it will take w peaks, means you must be doing something very wrong if you’re blowing drivers with w. For this Christmas I am work rcf esw 1018 club 20m X 15m, dj techno party, people for first time.

Well, maybe a hair less distortion and a dB or so less power compression when run flat out, and you could potentially lower your high pass or remove it altogether to play albeit quietly in the Hz range, rsw it’s rcf esw 1018 enough to justify the rfc imo, and the original drivers will surely be well suited to the enclosure.

This page was generated in 0. RCF units is always want alot power from amp. Rcf esw 1018 ESW subwoofer is a “go anywhere” used on different types of music.

Version 2 has exsist, either painting black granite or black carpet if you find used in carpet you say they have rcf esw 1018 least 6 years. So esq is allways imperative The sub, although a bit one-note is really monstrous!

But you’re not doing that, are you? Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. But it happen this year, usually i’m working in closed rooms. Rcf esw 1018 exponential profile diaphragm is made of esd cellulose pulp which provides a high damping factor.

I use it for 4 months I amplify that starts with a Rcf esw 1018 Max coming out in rms bridge on paper They’re a good design, and If rcf esw 1018 like the sound of them and would like more of that, then you have options to upgrade them, but you would definitely need to buy more powerful amplifiers.

The LF18X performs well in both those areas, but there may be better alternatives.

Just let me know! Some worth looking at: There have been a lot of RCF copies on the market recently that rcf esw 1018 almost exactly like real RCF drivers, but they would definitely fail as you’re describing.

One of the best performance for its class ideal for electronic zic