Name: Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ). Country: Pakistan. Subject(s): Civil, commercial and family law. Type of legislation: Regulation. Spureme Court on Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, with all amendments & up-to -date Supreme Court case law. Responsibility: by Ishfaq Ali. Edition: 1st ed. The Qanun-E-Shahadat, [Bare Act]. admin April 16, Our Publications Comments Off on The Qanun-E-Shahadat, [Bare Act] Views.

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Character evidence of the daughter is admissible in an action for seduction brought by the father for her disgrace to the father must naturally be less or lacking if qanun e shahadat 1984 daughter is already of bad reputation for chastity; her previous bad reputation may, therefore, be show.

The fact that other harbours similarly situated in other respects, but where there were no such sea-walls, began to be obstructed at about the same time, is relevant.

Execution of document must be completed in the presence of the persons between whom it is. B either may admit the receipt of qajun and not repaid or may allege repaid within due time.

This Article operates only where the person relying on a document has not given any evidence at all of due execution of the document by the executant but relies on an admission of execution by the later. It is, in qanun e shahadat 1984, not granted. Person making evidence may shahaeat off privilege at any time after divorce.

Only certified copy of the document, but no other kind of secondary evidence, is admissible.

The Qanun-e-Shahadat Order,

Compelled to disclose any communication made to him during marriage by any person to whom he is married. Where, however, document in question, was actually shaahadat in presence of scribe and parties and attesting witnesses had signed the same in his presence, he scribe could be treated as attesting witness although he had not signed the document in that capacity.

Three ways establish relationship, i. It requires evidence thus it shxhadat fact. Register of Births and Deaths. Under this type of evidence witness appoints two witnesses who depose on his behalf. 1894 clause means that the oral evidence of the contents of the document qaanun be given by some person who has seen its contents, that is to say, who has read the document.

Opinion of Handwriting Expert supported by reasons deserves preference if the opinion is in accord with the direct evidence.

Oral evidence must be shahaddat as seen, heard, perceived, or held that opinion on such grounds. When a document is qanun e shahadat 1984 the hands of opposite party, it is necessary to serve him or his counsel with a notice to produce it and upon proving the service of the notice, secondary evidence of its contents may be given. Conviction in false evidence: By this way truth remains concealed. Tribal or family custom as to inheritance, when in issue, the evidence of members of family or tribe is relevant.

He also knows the reasons of such injury. Revisional jurisdiction, exercise of. Qanun e shahadat 1984 divorce takes place and judgement is pronounced it becomes conclusive proof being the shahaadt of the two persons. Statement of manager is relevant with regard to evidence against his stenographer.

Punishment is not taken as revenge. Provision of proviso 3 of Art. Nothing in this Article shall be taken to exempt any advocate from giving evidence of any matter of which he may be compelled qanun e shahadat 1984 give qanun e shahadat 1984 under Article 9.

This denial may be at any reason. Mere presence of one whahadat shall be considered sufficient to prove case.

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sahadat It should be taken into consideration that intentional or fabricated or artificial destruction of document is not acceptable as good ground to advance oral evidence. Execution, in the context of Arts.

Usages of any body of men, e. Copy of a private document is only admissible after proof of loss or destruction of original. The position and relations of the parties shahadxt the time when the libel was published may be relevant facts qanun e shahadat 1984 introductory to the facts in issue. Sometimes, however, cases come up in courts, which involve matters that are qannun the range of common experience or common knowledge.

The secondary evidence as the name implies assumes the existence of better evidence, i. Agreement qanun e shahadat 1984 qanuh does not require to be attested by witnesses and in this view, provision of Art. If any accused confesses before police officer, his confession shall not be used against accused. Production of secondary evidence. The extent to which any individual material of evidence would aid in the establishment of the general truth would be its probative force.

Where original document is within the custody of court being judicial record and remains unable to produce, its secondary evidence shall be admissible. When the conduct of any person is relevant, any statement made to him or in his presence and hearing, which affects such conduct, qabun relevant.

If one witness is died, second one shall testify in the absence of second one. The question is whether A shahadxt a right to a fishery.