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NET’s dedicated web site, www. In addition to this important security improvement, AspEmail 5.

Error perstis uploading files with XUpload. It is also demonstrated by Live Demo 9. Failed to create Recordset object error. For more information, and to download XUpload 3. However, the only output image format supported by these new methods is PNG.

The recent AspEmail and AspEmail. The new version makes an attempt to recover from this error and only throws an exception as a last resort. For more information, please visit www. Progress bar window will not update.

Please help us test this much-needed feature by going to www. NET-based Web applications the power to generate and modify PDF documents on the fly opens endless opportunities for you and your users. NET version of AspJpeg, is now officially released.


– Free Secure ASP Mail Component for an ASP and Environment

NET’s user manual section 9. This enables your application to create precise, albeit rasterized, snapshots of any HTML document, no matter how complex. Previous versions only supported the RC4 cipher.

Data encryption, hashing and certificate management component. The system cannot find the path specified error. Sending messages to multiple recipients with AspEmail. This feature makes it possible to eliminate the annoying message perdits PDF form requies a new version Adobe Acrobat” which pops up after the form has been fattened. NET and AspEmail are almost entirely identical in terms of functionality, but the.

NET can be downloaded from www.

: The Persits Software Knowledge Base

C code samples for other products are coming out soon. We are standing by for your questions and problem reports.

For a live demo, and to download your free day eval of AspUpload 3. A class of documents has been discovered that would cause the ExtractText method to crash due to a bug. Download your free day evaluation version here. The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.


AspPDF & AspPDF.NET Released

Usage under a bit Server Environment. A serious bug in the CreateGraphicsFromPage method introduced in a previous service release has persigs fixed. Persiits has its own dedicated web site with its own user manual, object reference and live demo sections. In most cases, this meant the private key had to be transferred to the server, which is often impossible or impractical for security reasons. Previous versions could only print invidual pages in a one-sided mode. This feature enables you to create a perspective effect when rendering the image on top of another picture.

Also, form flattening has been implemented via the PdfForm method Flatten.