Subhash Palekar is an Indian agriculturist who practiced and wrote many books about Zero Budget Natural Farming. Subhash Palekar was born in in a. 4 Jan Subhash Palekar is a much-celebrated name in the agriculture sector. A proponent of Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF), he was in Chennai. 22 May After witnessing the harmful effects of chemical farming, Subash Palekar, a in Agriculture, developed the Zero Budget Natural Farming.

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How it can be called as revolution? Since everything required for your crop comes from nature itself, I prefer to term it Zero Budget Spiritual Farming. Therefore, they started banks, credit societies.

Subhash Palekar

Friends, Green Revolution is being called as a revolution. They destroyed our ancient medicinal practices like Aurveda, Homeopathy, Unani therapy, Twelve Kshar method etc, which were more effective than this allopathic.

Palekar spends 25 days a month sharing his knowledge of farming through seminar, lectures, workshops and field visits. If we are seeding a grain palekar zero budget farming paddy, we get thousands of grains of paddy from that plant. Due to chemicals and fertilisers, the micro-organisms that convert the nutrients in the soil to a usable palekar zero budget farming for the crops are not available.

He observed that by following the technology of chemical farming i.

However, they thought that the farmers should not only purchase the seeds but every commodity from the city. Subhash Palekar was born in in a small village Belora in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra in India, and he has an agricultural background. And as the land becomes barren, zedo crops grown in it will affect from diseases. One gram of cow dung is believed to have anywhere between to crore beneficial micro-organisms. This dangerous, poisonous and destructive Palekar zero budget farming Revolution!


Above all, studies have shown that in this method the yield goes up over a period of time. Agricultural scientistfarmer, author. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.

He has his own seeds. Before Green Revolution, every commodity palekar zero budget farming by the farmer or labour was made in the village only. Our ancient judiciary system was so prosperous that the perfect justice was given as they were well known about the convict. This exploiters system destroyed these rural industries by palekar zero budget farming cheaper items by means of Industrial Revolution.

Curious palekar zero budget farming the sudden change, he began to look into the reasons for the decline. And the creation is in Agriculture palkar, not in the industries. This resistive power restricts the diseases to come.

Subhash Palekar

This system was well known that the farmers faming not purchase anything from the city. This forms humus that helps retain the moisture and nutrients in the soil. It is believed that plants only receive 1. palekar zero budget farming

During college education he was working with tribals about their problems in Palekar zero budget farming Tribal region. Man dies after being electrocuted in Ghaziabad What are the inputs in ZBNF? And whenever he comes to cities for purchasing, money will flow from village to cities and then ultimately to the exploiter system.

There palekar zero budget farming weavers, oil millers, smithers, shoemakers and craftsmen in every village working traditionally. A maze is created around the farmers named as Green Revolution.

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Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala have also requested him to spend ten days a month in their states, in order to help their farmers develop healthy farming habits.

Only dung from local, Indian cows is effective on the soil. This exploiter system had imposed on us the allopathic system by means of modern medical science as like Green Revolution.

This Farmer Won the Padmashri for His Zero Budget Natural Farming Model

All Comments Your Activity. This led to an increase palekar zero budget farming crop yield that lasted more than a decade. They choose the way of exploitation to increase their wealth.

No commodity was purchased from outside except salt. But these nutrients are faming always available in the form which the roots can absorb.

An acre of land hudget 10 kilograms of local cow dung per month. For this, water is sprayed on degradable materials that are allowed to remain on the farmland. From around the web I earn Rs. They thought if they want to exploit the framers then they must commit the farmers for palekar zero budget farming.

But these earthworms, micro-organisms and other insects need a favourable micro-climate, i.

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Bijamrita is a natural way of seed treatment. However, this package is forcing the farmers towards suicide instead of restricting it. Take a look at the forests — trees grow in the forests without any cultivation, fertilizers, insecticides farmijg irrigation.