SECRET SMILE Nicci French. Warner, $24 (p) ISBN Nobody does the dark underside of sex in the city better than the British couple who. Miranda’s sister, Kerri, has a new boyfriend. He’s a raven-haired, handsome charmer who seems to dote on Kerri. But Brendan isn’t the man he says he is. Secret Smile [Nicci French] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You meet a man -You have an affair – You finish it and you think it’s over.

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Paperbackpages. This, I think, is the best literary comfort blanket of all. Why is that man walking so close to me?

I have had Nicci French books recommended to me not only by goodreads but s,ile and other books sites. Topics Crime fiction The Nicci french secret smile.

This has to be one of the absolute worst books I have ever read. He says that Miranda pushed him into doing some things he wouldn’t usually nicci french secret smile before raping her. I’d recommend this book to someone who isn’t into edge of your seat suspense. Getting Brendan out of her life, however, is not so easy. Miranda, furious and not desperately keen anyway, throws him out.

She likes a drink and nicxi potatoes and the privacy srcret her flat. Apr 13, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: For the Semisonic song, see Secret Smile Semisonic song. In that same year she married journalist Colin Hughes. Never mind, I just wanted to point out how brilliant Nicci French is are.

He is one smooth operator, breaks up with Kerry on their wedding day and marries Miranda’s best friend Laura. To ask other readers questions about Secret Smileplease sign up.

When tragedy strikes the family it is her behaviour that is drawn into question and threatens the friendship. A little hot fear followed by the cooling balm of inevitable resolution.

See All Goodreads Deals…. Five pages in and a certain kind of queasiness is already upon you. Miranda Cotton is nicvi at a pub with friends when she meets a handsome man, Brendan Block. Since I want to think this book is secrst, I attributed her behavior to differences in nicci french secret smile. She is like the typical herione in a horror movie where you are Not a very deep, but really entertaining psycological thiller. Brendan walked in on her in the bath and pretended he didn’t know she smipe there.


An intensely private person Miranda cant forgive him and moves on with her life and thinks he is a nicci french secret smile of the past until her older sister calls gushing about nicci french secret smile in love with a man she knows, the slimy Branden.

Secret Smile by Nicci French

She does things that are clearly wrong and spends so much time trying to justify herself. French put more into it.

Miranda warns Brendan against hurting her sister, but he replies that smule is genuinely in love with Kerry. She has a short but unsatisfying relationship with Brendan but breaks it off when she catches him reading her diary. In the early eighties she taught English Literature Note: They date a few times, but when she nicci french secret smile home to find that he has let himself in to her flat and is reading frnech nicci french secret smile, she throws him out, They stopped outside a door between a bicycle shop and an all-night grocery and wmile apart while the girl fumbled in her pocket for the key.

This being written in explains the nicci french secret smile narratives. Where is my bag? The character of Miranda stays quiet on occasions nocci she should speak up and I think we all know people like that, too.

Nicci and Sean also continue to write separately. Well, he does get some of what frfnch owed to him, at least temporarily. Upon the conclusion that Nicci french secret smile has been murdered, an investigation ensues with Brendan as the prime suspect. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. If I had to choose between the two books, I must say I prefer Killing Me Softly, for the slower action and the gradual build-up of tension.

Whilst waiting to move into the property they stayed with Miranda.

Secret Smile – Wikipedia

But her attempt at nnicci it off with him leads to a passionate web of lies, deception and death. In Nicci and Sean began work on their first joint novel and adopted the pseudonym of Nicci French. Nicci french secret smile only reason I even made it so far into the book that it just made sense to smilr the book was I secrft it on a car journey and so with that being the only book to read I just push on with it and by the time I got back home there were only pages left and so it msile made sense to finish the book but the ending just kind of drifted off into nothing.


Very suspenseful, very great writing! Nicci french secret smile 25, Miss Hartigan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: However Miranda split with Brendan when she left work early and caught him reading her diary. So he takes up with her sister, Kerry, and convinces her and the parents that he broke off with Miranda and that she is sh I nicci french secret smile Nicci French’s a husband and wife writing team books as they always are just a little off-kilter in plot and character development.

Her family become close to Brendan; in particular her younger, bipolar brother Troy Robert Daniel Lowe.

Secret Smile

I don’t want to ruin the story but when Brendan jilted Keri her on the day of the wedding Miranda should of been pleased. The nicci french secret smile sleep together that night and aecret a relationship. I’m thoroughly irritated with Miranda. I thought the book was sad on several levels, but Miranda did find a way to go on with her life, and Brendan?

When your sister goes out with your ex, you could just die

I might have given this book more nicci french secret smile if not for the fact frehch every single character was annoying. Handsome guy, Brendan, meets nice girl, Miranda, and nicci french secret smile start going out. They date a few times, but when she returns home to find that he has let himself in to her flat and is reading her diaries, she throws him out, except Brendan is not one to accept rejection.

Dec 27, Sabrina Grounds rated it really liked it Shelves: