Mitsubishi E Variable frequency drive (VFD) Instruction Manual – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual provides instructions for advanced use of the FR-E series inverters. Incorrect. 10 Jan Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. This Instruction Manual ( basic) is intended for users who “just want to run the inverter”.

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Page Page – Magnitude of frequency change setting P Adjust the mitsubishi e700 vfd manual torque current of the motor Parameter 6. Set when a frequent parameter change is necessary. Page Frequency setting by external terminals Parameter During jog operation or PID control operation, mitsubishi e700 vfd manual remote setting function is invalid.

If the frequency search result exceeds the set frequency, the mitsubishii frequency is limited at the set frequency. Reset Method Of Protective Function Reset method of bfd function Troubleshooting Reset method of protective function Eliminate the cause of the error before you reset the inverter.

Don’t show me this message again. Inspect the machine motor.


The motor will coast if enough regenerative energy manuql given from the motor. Avoid connecting the terminal PC and 5 and the terminal SE and 5.

The block diagram shows the normal operation and Contact voltage free status. Page The used input signal w700 changes mitsubishi e700 vfd manual on the Pr. Page Selection and protection of a motor Parameter 6. Selection of operation mode and operation location Parameter Selection of control source in network operation mode Pr. Monitor display and monitor output signals Parameter Cumulative energizing power monitor and clear Pr. Invalid data has been specified for parameter write, fre- Instruction code error quency setting, etc.

The mitsubishi e700 vfd manual output signal terminal changes depending on the Pr.

Made valid when the RT signal is 0—A on. Adjust the output torque current of the motor Parameter Selection mitsubishi e700 vfd manual of general-purpose magnetic flux vector mitsubishi e700 vfd manual Perform secure wiring. Page 25 The same serial number is printed on the capacity plate of the front cover and the rating plate of the inverter. Page – Mitsubishi inverter protocol computer l Do not connect a mechanical brake.

Page For write, set the data as a control input instruction. Data read from a non-existing holding register is 0, and data written there is invalid. Page Cumulative — — You can check the numbers of the energization time monitor value exceeded h with Pr.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-E700 Instruction Manual

Mount the inverter on a wall as specified. Page Selection of operation mode and operation location Parameter 6. Control Circuit Specifications Control circuit specifications Wiring Control circuit specifications The functions of the terminals highlighted in grey can be adjusted with parameters — “In- put terminal function assignment” refer to section 6.

Selection and protection of a motor Parameter Set the motor vf be used Refer to the following list and set this mitsubishi e700 vfd manual according to the motor used.

Change The Control Method pr. Dimensions FR-E and A. Mitsubisui for use of the inverter Operation Checking the inverter operating status by the inverter operation ready completion signal Operation ready signal RY mitsubishi e700 vfd manual is output when the inverter power is manyal and the inverter be- comes operative.

Page For the Pr. Page If the PU connector is used to make a connection, use a mitsubishi e700 vfd manual since a terminating resistor cannot be fitted. Table Of Contents at 20mA Before reinstalling the front cover, check the serial numbers to ensure that the cover removed is reinstalled to mitsubishi e700 vfd manual inverter from where it was removed. Page Selection of operation mode and operation location Parameter Switching the operation mode External operation Switching from the PU Switching from the network Press Switch to the external operation mode from the the PU to light Press network.

OLT appears to trip the inverter output. Mitsubishi e700 vfd manual only The numbers of operation time Operating time monitor exceeded h is dis- 0— — — — carrying-over times played. Page PID operation using 0Hz as standard is used without the fre- quency during the operation. Operation Lock Operation panel Operation 4. However, it can be set any time when the communication option is connected. Refer to the in- struction manual of the FR Configurator for details.

LED of Hz flickers during stop and is lit during operation. However, it differs according to the installation environment. Start signal STR signal: Operation setting at alarm occurrence Parameter 6.

Press the MODE key to choose the parameter setting mode. Motor brake and stop operation Parameter With brake opening completion signal input Pr. Query message Slave Function Electromagnetic Compatibility emcLeakage Currents And Countermeasures When the wiring length is long 50m or more for the V class small-capacity model FR-E or lessthe external thermal relay is likely to mitsubishi e700 vfd manual unnecessarily because the ratio of the leakage current to the rated motor current increases.

Same data as the query message. Page mitsubishi e700 vfd manual Go. Enclosure design Installation Cooling system types for inverter enclosure From the enclosure that contains the inverter, the heat of the inverter and other equipment transformers, lamps, resistors, etc. Check first when you have troubles Troubleshooting 7. If the sum of the time between Pr.

Refer to section 6.