The Veil and the Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation of Women’s Rights in Islam. Fatema Mernissi, Author, Fatima Mernissi, Author Addison Wesley Publishing. The Veil and the Male Elite. A Feminist Interpretation of Women’s Rights in Islam. by Fatima Mernissi. translated by Mary Jo Lakeland. Title, The veil and the male elite: a feminist interpretation of women’s rights in Islam / Fatima Mernissi ; translated by Mary Jo Lakeland. Author, Mernissi, Fatima .

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On several occasions in the late s and early s she conducted interviews in order to map prevailing attitudes to women and work.

The Veil and the Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation of Women’s Rights in Islam

Mainly the book seemed Second year history student at university here. Like the first two caliphs he was a Meccan Muhajir of the Quraysh tribe, but from one of the clans who were rivals of the Prophet’s clan – the clan of the Umayyads. With the historical events as backgroulld, we can now appreciate in their true measure the two contradictory tendencies that were at odds with each other in the elaboration of the Hadith: They will be invoked to explain the periods of grandeur and of decadence.

History is always the group’s language, the official narrative that is pressed between covers of gold and trotted out for ritual ceremonies of self- congratulation. There was an error while adding the following items.

He is supposed to have said to her according to the way he told it after the battle: It is undeniable that Islam has an attitude bordering on anxiety about bodily cleanliness, which induces ill many people an almost neurotic strictness. And then we see him a few years later, a notable in an Iraqi city, the incarnation of Muhammad’s dream – that all the poor, the humiliated of anv world, could accede to power and wealth.


Publisher’s Weekly Review Muhammad was a chief of state who publicly acknowledged the importance of affection and sexuality. Why are you fighting? The introduction and first chapter are an inexplicably unintelligible low point of the book, and I highly recommend skipping them and perhaps returning later; I nearly threw in ane towel on reading the entire work because these were either so poorly written or translated that I found them almost unbearable.

A present that is scarcely distinguishable from xnd future by which it defines and valorizes itself. Saddened and emotionally drained by elihe loss of his close supporters, Muhammad decided to leave Mecca, which for him had become a hostile place and every day more dangerous.

It is worth mentioning that the writer shows alot of bias towards every thing feminine, and against every thing in favor of males. Dissatisfied with the customs he found around him, Muhammad went fatma year, like all the pious men of Mecca, to Mount Hira for meditation and a spiritual retreat.

I know many Muslim Well what an interesting book.

Mernissi writes as an amateur, without much training in early Muslim sources, which inevitably leaves rigorous historians skeptical. This explains the absence of clergy in Islam and the encouraging of all Muslims to get involved in understanding the written word.

Fatima Mernissi, The Veil and the Male Elite

But first let us lift the veils with which our contemporaries disguise the past merinssi order to dim our present. To his great surprise, Abu Hurayra declined the offer.

There was nothing I could say. When the Prophet arrived in Medina, for a period of 16 months he said his prayers turned toward Jerusalem. Any lllan who believes that a Muslim. That is the virtue of memory.

The Prophet declared them free men, despite ad protests of their masters, and after their conversion to Islam they became the brothers and equals of all. Apr 29, Marrysparkle rated it liked it Shelves: To ask other readers questions about The Veil and the Male Eliteplease sign up.


The veil and the male elite: a feminist interpretation of women’s rights in Islam

His will is law, and He has revealed it once and for all for everyone. How do the mal du present and the rejection of democracy get combined?

There are some people whom I rejected as narrators of Hadith, not because they lied in their role as men of science by recounting false Mednissi that the Mzle did not say, but just simply because I saw them lying in their relations with people, in their daily relationships that had nothing to do with religion.

He wants to find there,” explains al-Jabiri in his book Nahnu wa al-tharwa We and Our Heritage”knowledge, rationality, progress, etc. You must be careful not to go astray. The return to the past, the return to tradition that men are demanding, is a means of putting things “back in order. This would be high on my list of recommendations. The dead numbered 70, men. Mummy, those interested in headscarf debate.

Very rare were the occasions on which she was insulted – and even then it was never by one of the political leaders, but by some of the ordinary people. In AD the Prophet arrived secretly in Medina. I applaud the author for painstaking sifting through all of the hadiths and explaining the precise methodology with which she exposed those religious edicts that were false!