Connector: 4x XLR female; Impedance: 20k ohm(balanced), 10k ohm ( unbalanced); CMR: 80 dB, 1 kHz >50 dB, 30 Hz to 20 kHz; Crosstalk: dB, 1 kHz. The EAW UX Digital Signal Processor is a 19″ rack-mounted DSP processor for installed, touring and mobile sound reinforcement applications. Buy the EAW UX Loudspeaker/System Processor, Digital, 4 In x 8 Out at Full Compass. The UX is a powerful 4-input by 8-output digital processor.

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The processor’s 4 x 8 architecture is custom-configured by the user to suit the particular application.

EAW UX Loudspeaker System Crossover | eBay

faw With true dual-mode capability, the 4-input by 8-output unit is equally adept as a loudspeaker processor or an overall system processor. Click here to try again.

Employing sophisticated, custom DSP algorithms designed specifically to correct loudspeaker response anomalies, it substantially eliminates the time smear, horn “honk” and low-frequency cone resonances that plague conventional reinforcement system designs.

Payments including sales tax are spread out over the duration of the term.


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ea The front panel offers access to all operational, user-controllable parameters via buttons, encoders and a brightly back-lit LCD panel. The result is an unprecedented degree of consistency and interoperability between EAW systems. More from EAW Category: Output channels are assigned for each of the loudspeaker’s separately amplified subsystems 2-way, 3-way, etc.

Also in loudspeaker processing mode, each processing unit offers a full complement of user-adjustable DSP parameters EQ, level, delay and polarity that provide the critical alignment control that are normally required for overall system alignment and adjustment. This is crucial to users and engineers in that it guarantees processing that exactly matches the processor settings determined in the laboratory by EAW engineers.

Further, by entering the gain and maximum voltage ratings of the power amplifiers being driven by each output channel, the UX calculates the correct output limiter settings such as excursion and power handling of the individual drivers.


New Focusing settings are developed and posted for free download on a regular basis. Turns a single purchase into a small monthly payment. In addition, a distance and humidity-dependent air loss pre-emphasis filter can be engaged to overcome expected air losses over longer projection distances.

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raw In loudspeaker processor mode, the user can establish up to four individual loudspeaker specific processing units, each with locked down product-specific settings for crossover, equalization, alignment processing, and limiting. Be the first to review this product!

Meanwhile, in system processor mode, all settings and parameters for both inputs and outputs are user-adjustable.