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Equipped with IP65 push-pull connectors IP67 connectors are optionalin conformity to EMC requirements, and a PTC temperature probe with reinforced insulation, these motors guarantee secure electrical connections under a huge variety of operating conditions. Backlash [arcmin] Standard lower than 5 arcmin Reduced lower than 3 arcmin. Our best-in-class solutions are backed by nearly 60 years of engineeringexpertise as well as an in-depth understanding Figure for gearmotors incorporatesthe weight of the 4-pole C seriesHelical gear unitsBonfiglioli has been designing and developing innovativeand reliable power transmission and control solutionsfor industry, mobile machinery and renewable energyapplications since Fully integrated with Bonfiglioli ERP, this new platform offers users more flexibility and reliability through a multi-device interface.

VF/W Series : Bonfiglioli

Bonfiglioli Riduttori today is one of the top brands in the power transmission industry. Extremely Geometrical Backlash less than 2 arcmin Quiet running.

Bonfiglioli Shaft mounted speed reducers. Tertiary packaging Palletizing machines.

Riduttori per comando ruoteFront wheel drive with clutch for grader from 14 to 26 tons. The new bevel helical series from Bonfiglioli optimises superior performance with compact dimensions and flexibility. Sensor-less control, sensor-less field oriented control, Field oriented control with encoder. Drying and cooking line Oven, dryer, fryer. All Bonfiglioli catalogues and technical brochures.

Productdiversification,processautomation, and quality have enabledBonfiglioli to play a leading role in theindustry.

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The extremely small size of these motors, achieved by the use of advanced materials and design technology, ensures exceptional dynamics and low temperature operation.

A Series : Bonfiglioli

Primary packaging Flow pack machines. TQK angular gearbox features a higher positioning like TQ inline serie. Vplus software provides a common programming and monitoring platform for all Bonfiglioli inverter drives. Thermistors and thermostat sensors Independent forced cooling.

S2U is the Bonfiglioli Vectron compact Inverter for efficient speed and torque control of electric motors, up to 2. The gear case is nodular cast cataolgue to guarantee rigidity in all circumstances while the gears, using latest profile ground finishing techniques, ensure quiet and vibration-free operation even in the harshest conditions.

The range and modularity of the A-C-F platform, which includes Simple and yet powerful is the S series, developed for the pump industry as well as bonfglioli fan and blower application. Single version is available. Type Power kW 3ph.

Product offer

Food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry Marine on-board and quayside installations. The housing, made from nodular cast iron ensures robustness even in the harshest environment. Primary packaging Flow pack machines.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “X Series” P.

PID control Torque boost Stall prevention. Type Power kW 1ph. MP planetary precision gearboxes are landmark for optimal performance, along with top reliability. By marking the relevant box below, I hereby authorise the company to process my contact data information on my name, place and date of birth, tax code, address, telephone number, mobile telephone number, e-mail address for marketing xatalogue advertising communication purposes, on promotional sales initiatives, trade fairs and events, receipt of newsletters, carried bonfilgioli using automated contact means e-mail and traditional contact means for example, telephone call with an operator or for market research and statistical surveys.


The new Bonfiglioli Human Machine Bonciglioli series offers high performance and quality at affordable price. Solid input shaft with or without fan cooling – inch or metric dims. Drying and cooking line Oven, dryer, fryer. Compact inverters S2U standard.

GOO Bonfiglioli3Bonfiglioli, one name for a large international group. Whether torque, robustness, or precision – this attractive product range scores in every category. Removable keypad KP with copy function, Cabinet mounting kit and handheld for keypad.

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Backlash [arcmin] Standard lower than 15 arcmin Reduced lower than catalogud arcmin. Integrated up to 9.

All Bonfiglioli catalogues and technical brochures

Symbol referring to weightof gearboxes. What are you searching for? Agile series provide in a sensorless vector inverter innovations catallgue to boost plant efficiency through open loop vector control of brushless motors and MMC memory cards. Key features Right-angle bohfiglioli. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Active Cube 8 series – Servoinverter – The high power solution” P.

The BC series of motors are the simple, proven and economical solution to the requirements of DC drives.